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Health matters to UGDC not only because it is a fundamental responsibility, but also because a healthy company is a productive company.



Main aspects of health management

Prevention of ill health by identification and mitigation of health risks, and protection of health by ensuring that individuals are medically suitable to undertake particular jobs and that those jobs do not impact adversely on their health.
•Management of ill health by provision of access to suitable primary and secondary care facilities.
•Promotion of wellness through active education and participative programs.
•An emergency plan to deal with urgent single or multiple cases of illness or injury.

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene is concerned with the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of environment factors arising from work that might adversely affect the health or well being of people at work and in the community. To anticipate potential problems that can occur, technical knowledge (e.g. knowledge about the process, the substances used, number of people engaged in it, etc) is required in addition to identifying situations where controls may not be effective.
Recognition involves identifying the potential hazard that a chemical, physical or biological agent – or an adverse ergonomic situation – poses to health.
Evaluation is done through assessing the extent of exposure of the chemical hazards, physical or biological agents in the workplace. This usually involves measurements of the worker personal exposure to the hazard/ agent in the workplace.




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