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The NGL plant located on the Port Said original throughput was 1100 MMSCFD of gas, and it was upgraded to accommodate 1300 MMscfd in Sep. 2011, to produce propane, LPG and Condensate (DNG).

The production rates since 2005 (Date of operation) till 2011 are as shown below:

Year 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Propane Ton 164,096 246,888 368,886 410,835 374,466 342,935 287,313
LPG Ton 123,153 160,853 282,277 334,287 304,991 259,166 290,791
Condensate BBL 768,210 1,009,449 1,860,182 2,216,841 1,505,313 1,138,016 1,077,328
United Gas Derivatives Company policy represented in getting HSE right is a crucial area of UGDC business and risk management. Good performance in the areas of health, safety and...
UGDC has made different contributions to community in the following fields:
• Cultural: The company has contributed in the support of the Child Library at the...