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Management Word

As a reflection of the Egyptian Petroleum Sector's progressive thinking to ensure the effective development of Egypt's energy resources for the prosperity of Egypt, the Ministry of Petroleum has adopted a policy aimed at maximizing utilization and exploitation of Egypt's abundant and valuable Natural Gas resources. This includes the development of facilities for extraction of value added Natural Gas Derivatives for export to international markets and for reduction of LPG imports, thus enhancing Egypt's balance of trade.

The establishment of the United Gas Derivatives Company (UGDC) is a reflection of the increasing international demand for natural gas and is an outcome of the policy and economic model implemented by the Ministry of Petroleum for attracting foreign investments to increase natural gas production. This results in more exports, and in return of foreign currency through participation of international companies to fund these projects without burdening Egypt.

UGDC had developed a Project for establishing a plant for deep cutting natural gas liquid components (NGL) from Natural Gas in Port Said, as well as a facility in Damietta for exporting refrigerated liquid Propane. Completion of these facilities illustrates the Egyptian Petroleum Sector's willingness to adopt and apply modern technology in the gas industry, using international systems and standards.


United Gas Derivatives Company policy represented in getting HSE right is a crucial area of UGDC business and risk management. Good performance in the areas of health, safety and...
UGDC has made different contributions to community in the following fields:
• Cultural: The company has contributed in the support of the Child Library at the...